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Fixing Oak cladding & boarding

Fixing Oak cladding & boarding

Our best practices to ensure great results!

Making sure your Oak cladding is fixed right is really important to its looks & longevity! We've put together a few tips in this article to help you get the best results - whether Fresh Sawn or Air Dried...

Get it up quick - Fresh sawn Oak naturally shrinks and moves as it dries. Once you receive the boarding, installation should follow within a few days. Before the install, ensure the boards are kept neatly stacked on even ground, and out of direct sunlight. 

Fix it right & fix it tight - Cladding boards should be fixed approximately every 400mm. Air dried cladding should be installed with 2 fixings spaced towards each edge. Fresh sawn Feather Edge and Weather Boards can be fixed by selecting the boards so that the heart is facing away from the building. Then place 1 fixing 10mm above the top of the board below. This method allows for shrinkage as the product dries out. Fresh sawn cladding can also be fixed with 2 fixings (like air dried cladding) - this holds the cladding flat, but does not allow for natural shrinkage to the same extent. The length of the fixings you use should be a minimum of 2.4 x the thickness of the cladding. You must use stainless steel fixings when fixing Oak, otherwise the acidic tannin will react with normal steel, stain the timber and corrode the fixings. We recommend Carpenters Mate screws. 

Mind the gap - Overlap is essential to allow for natural shrinkage and movement. Once sawn, the drying process starts - so by the time fixing of the boards takes place, the width may already have reduced slightly. Ensure you still allow the recommended overlap for further shrinkage after fitting. When installing air dried cladding such as Shiplap or TGV Boarding, it is important to leave a gap of at least 5mm to allow for the seasonal movement between each board. the board as you fit it. Once fixed, remove the packer and place it on top, ready for the next board.

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