About Oak

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About Oak


One of the world’s most beautiful and versatile materials.

And it’s completely sustainable.

About Oak

From barrels to battleships, Oak has graced many of the
greatest moments and places in history.

Today, with man-made materials at large as never before, Oak remains unique - one of the most durable, versatile and
prestigious materials available, adding it's own charm and status to any application.

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A bit of history...

European Oak (Quercus robur) is a large, long-lived deciduous
tree, widely distributed throughout Europe - from Northern Spain to Southern Scandinavia, and from Northern Ireland to Eastern Europe.

The heartwood is dense and tight-grained, making it well suited
to many building and joinery applications where strength and
durability are important. Oak's durability is due to a high tannin
content, providing a high level of resistance to insect and fungal
attacks. With this excellent durability it can be used in many
exposed exterior uses, as well as internally.

With it's golden-brown colour and distictive grain pattern, the
appearance of Oak has been admired and esteemed for
centuries. One very unique feature is the medullary rays: ribbons of cells running from the inside of the plant to the outside. This is particularly noticeable on timber faces that are cut at a paralel to the centre of the tree.

With strong trading relationships throughout France and other
sustainably managed areas of Europe, Hewins Oak is committed
to preserving this timeless natural resource.

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