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Waney Edge

Typically used on barn conversions and rural applications, the varied and wide widths of waney edge boards provide a traditional, rustic look, whilst maintaining a very durable barrier against the elements. Sawn fresh from the log, the boards have a fine sawn finish and will shrink slightly as the timber naturally dries and settles in situ. Dimensions are indicative as board width will vary.

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Product Details

  • Orientation


  • Fixing Visability


  • Standard surface option


  Overall width Thickness Face width*
Fresh Sawn Oak ≈250mm 20mm ≈200mm
British Larch ≈250mm 19mm ≈200mm
British Larch ≈250mm 25mm ≈200mm
Douglas Fir ≈250mm 19mm ≈200mm
Douglas Fir ≈250mm 25mm ≈200mm


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