Hewins Oak

A statement staircase to transform an entrance hall Gloucestershire

Prime grade oak staircase

Prime grade oak staircase

by GK Joinery

This client wanted a statement staircase that would transform their entrance hall, whilst enduring the heavy footfall of a busy household.

With a trusted reputation for manufacturing purpose-made, premium timber products, GK Joinery were chosen to construct the staircase - featuring a sleek, modern, open-tread design complete with a surrounding oak balustrade.

Oak was selected for its unmistakable warm colour, as well as its durability, allowing for a seamless blend of both form and function.


We were delighted to supply the oak to GK Joinery for this project; their attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship evident throughout the entire process.

John Grant commented: "We have a long lasting relationship with Hewins Oak as they have a great reputation of providing high-quality oak, with the customer support to match."



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