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Fresh Sawn / Air Dried Oak

At Hewins we can provide strength graded Fresh Sawn and Seasoned beams to British Standard 5756 strength classes. These are THB and THA for sections over 20,000mm² and TH1 and TH2 for sections under 20,000mm². In most sections and lengths, THB equates to D30 and, TH2 to D24. D30 and D24 are European grades. TH1 and THA are very demanding on the technical qualities of Oak, and are difficult to achieve. We would advise trying to work with THB and TH2 to avoid disappointment. Seasoned beams can only be graded to THB or TH2. Our in-house graders inspect each beam carefully and provide a certificate of the beams strength grade.

  • Our strength grading service provides a certificate of the beam's structural integrity

BS 5756
Strength Class


strength Class

THA 20,000+ D40 AOA* POA*
THB 20,000+ D30 Available POA*
TH1 >20,000 D30 AOA* POA*
TH2 >20,000 D24 Available POA*

Detailed strength class criteria is available. This guide is not authoritative. It is important to seek
professional advice when specifying strength classes, because each system has different criteria
and requirements.

*POA: price on application. *AOA: available on application.

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Product Details

  • Moisture content

    Varying, 30 - 70%

  • Wastage allowance

    Not applicable

  • Supplied finish

    Fine sawn

  • Density

    1200kg/m³ approximately

We aim to deliver all fresh sawn and seasoned beam orders within 5 - 10 days of ordering. Where your order requires planing, we aim to deliver within 7 - 15 days.
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